Cycling Membership

Unlimited rides per month.

Single RIDE

5-Ride Pack

10-Ride Pack

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Yoga and strength

Athlete Lab Membership

An all-access membership for cycling, yoga and strength classes per month. Perks include free towel rental and exclusive invites to A-Lab events and workshops.


An all access membership for cycling, yoga and strength including our exclusive co-working space per month. Perks include free towel rental and exclusive invites to A-Lab events and workshops.

Single Session

10 Sessions

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Endurance Assurance

Can be used as a lower intensity session with reduced FTP – spinning the legs out with a lower heart rate.
Improves: Base fitness, aerobic capacity, preparation for the next session  


Longer sustainable aerobic efforts at a tempo pace.
Improves: Aerobic capacity, pedaling efficiency, muscle glycogen storage, weight loss   

Hill Intervals

Aerobic efforts around FTP focusing on building bike specific strength.
Improves: Aerobic capacity, lactate threshold, strength, climbing ability, pedaling efficiency.

Race of Truth

60 min race pace effort, great to test your legs and see how you improved.
Improves: pacing yourself and managing your efforts

Super Sprint Intervals

Short burst sprint intervals up to all-out effort, with high repetition and short recovery time.
Improves: Anaerobic capacity, explosive power, top end speed, acceleration, higher cadence  

Hour of Power

Shorter intervals at a sustained pace above threshold.
Improves: Oxygen consumption (Vo2 Max), cardiac output, lactate threshold, acceleration  

Mountain Madness

Up to 2-hour ride over challenging terrain and long climbs, great session to get you ready for that next triathlon or big outdoor adventure.
Improves endurance and muscular endurance.



The very basics of yoga will be covered in this class, with a focus of building a strong foundation for your practice.

Stretch Therapy

Work into the deeper layers of muscle tissue through longer held postures, which aid in improving overall flexibility and mobility. Breathing techniques might be introduced.

Strengthen & Stabilize

Work the major muscles in the body to build strength and stabilization which results in enhanced athlete performance. Get ready to fire up that core!

Restore & Release

A gentle and restorative class that focuses on releasing tension physically and mentally. Deep relaxation techniques, myofascial release and aromatherapy might be introduced.


A dynamic and energetic class that helps you connect breath to movement and increasing the heart rate. Find yourself continuously moving through postures fluidly, encouraging focus and awareness. A consistent “Fundamentals” practice is highly recommended.



A class focused on building confidence for your next strength class through movements which will enable you to move weight safely and effectively, whilst understanding the complexity of different movements. (Suitable for all levels)


A body workout focused class! This ‘no-equipment’ class utilises traditional training methods to leave your body wanting for more!


A High intensity class designed to challenge you physically and mentally by getting your body adapted and equipped to handle high training loads and stresses.

Athlete Lab Singapore

71 Amoy Street
Singapore, 069890

+65 8223 1301





I am new to cycling will A-Lab be okay for me?  

Definitely! We cater for everyone from beginner to elite athlete. We set the difficulty level for each rider independently (and you can change it mid-ride if it is too easy or too tough!) Our rides are measured as a percentage of your own threshold power, so everyone can do the same workout no matter how experienced they are. 

Do I need to bring my own bike? 

Not at all. Come in and jump on one of our state-of-the-art Adjustabikes.

Can I bring my own bike? 

Our Adjustabikes eliminate the need to bring your own bike. They are used by pro riders and Olympic athletes. You will receive a quick fit by one of our trained coaches and off you go!

What are your opening hours? 

Our first cycling session starts at 6 am, our last cycling session finishes at 8.30 pm. 

Do I need cycling shoes? 

You can borrow shoes for your ride, just ask at reception. All of our bikes are fitted with Shimano pedals, so if your cycling shoes have Shimano cleats, feel free to bring your own.

What if I can't make it to a ride I have booked? 

The early cancellation period of 24 hours means you have the flexibility to cancel rides if you can no longer attend. Late cancellations will be subject to charges. 

How long is my package valid for?

Our 5 and 10 packs are valid for 3 months, our 20 session packs are valid for 6 months.

Yoga and Strength

How do I book a class?

Classes can be booked via our website or through MINDBODY.

How long is my package valid for?

Our 10 pack is valid for 3 months, our 20 is valid for 6 months and 50 session pack is valid for a year.

Can I extend my package?

Should you be traveling or recovering from an injury, you can put a hold on your package and start back up once you are ready. Only active packages can be extended.

Can I share my package with someone else?

Our packages are non-transferable.

Is there a free trial?

Drop-in for your first class and should you decide to purchase a class pack, your first class is free!

Payment Method

We are cashless and accept VISA, AMEX, Mastercard.

I am a newbie, what class is appropriate for me?

Yoga – Work on your foundation and basic elements of yoga in our Fundamentals class.

Strength – Learn how to move and lift weight safely and the basics of strength and conditioning in our Techniques class. 

What do I wear/bring?

Anything comfortable that allows you to move! We have a water fountain so do bring your own bottle and towels can be rented for $2. Shoes are recommended for our strength classes but you will not need them for yoga. Please arrive early, we are starting classes on time and late comers won’t be admitted.

Cancellation Policy

Classes should be canceled 2 hours or more before it begins. One class will be deducted from your package should you cancel less than 2 hours prior or do not show up.

Online booking will be suspended temporarily for members who are on the membership program and have canceled or not shown up 3 times consecutively. You will still be able to attend classes by walking in.